Farmer John installs newly painted front rims

Farmer John shows one person can put weights on 

Farmer John wiring an LA Tractor

FarmerJohn installs painted rear rims

Farmer John install dash on J.D.  420

Farmer John installs front and rear weights 

Farmer John installs sheet metal on John Deere 420 High Crop

Farmer John Repairs cracked block

Removing Tracks from Crawler

Installing Head on John Deere 420 Part 1

Installing Head on John Deere 420 Part 2

Farmer John wiring a 420 John Deere

Farmer John JD blade & track removal

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Transmission removal

Ford 4610 Power Steering swap out

Removing Transmission & Final Dr.

J.D. 440 crawler engine swap

Removing JD 440 undercarriage